Another drug dealing flat closed in Kettering

Drug dealing file pic
Drug dealing file pic

A bid to tackle drug dealing and anti-social behaviour in Kettering has seen another flat closed.

Yesterday we reported that a drugs den in Cobden Street had been closed by police after it was being used for criminal purposes.

Now Kettering Council, working with Northamptonshire Police, has successfully applied for a closure order for a flat in Grafton Street after complaints of drug dealing.

Magistrates were satisfied that making the order was necessary in order to prevent local residents and a nearby school having to suffer from the high levels of criminal activity and associated anti-social behaviour that had been taking place in the local area.

Head of housing at Kettering Council John Conway said: “This is the fifth closure order that the council has obtained this year and shows that Kettering Council does not hesitate to take decisive action against drug dealers and other people engaged in criminal activity where there are the grounds to do so.”

The closure order for the property was granted by Northampton Magistrates’ Court on November 16.

The order is valid for three months and makes it a criminal offence for any person, including the tenant, to enter the address.

The council will be making a further court application to evict the tenant from the property.