Another accident on the A6

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There has been another accident on the A6 overnight, just over a week after the road was designated as a Red Route.

The accident happened on the A6 near Finedon, leaving a silver car on its roof on the side of the road.

The car was spotted by our photographer Alison Bagley this morning, but the police said they have no information about the accident at this point.

Highways officers, the police and officers from Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service held a meeting of the county’s Red Route Group on Tuesday June 11 to discuss what action should now be taken to improve safety and prevent further accidents on the road, and listed the stretch between Burton Latimer and Finedon as a Red Route.

In the past three years there have been 27 accidents which have resulted in injuries on the four-mile stretch, making it one of the county’s most dangerous roads.

Three of the collisions have been fatal, claiming four lives.

Seven resulted in serious injuries to drivers or their passengers.

The remaining 17 collisions resulted in slight injuries.

The latest fatal incident on Thursday, June 6, claimed the life of Julie Bunkall, 70, of Rushden.

In order to qualify as a Red Route highways officers examine the collision history along a route, which incorporates relevant information such as weather, time of day, road surface conditions and other contributory factors.

The criteria for making a road a Red Route requires there to have been four fatal or serious accidents within a 1,000-metre stretch of road in a rural area or over 500 metres within an urban area in a three-year period.

A road can also be designated a Red Route if there has been a high number of crashes resulting in people being injured.

Safety improvements will be made to the A6 between Burton Latimer and Finedon after the latest fatal collision on the road, which has now claimed four lives in the past year alone.