Anger over Sun’s portrayal of Corby

An article in The Sun newspaper has sparked anger in Corby and been branded unfair and offensive.

In the story in today’s (September 12) edition Columnist Rod Liddle made references to people from Scotland in the town with ginger hair and said residents enjoyed moaning about the town’s Polish community.

He went on say that everyone who works in Corby seems to be on the minimum wage and that town centre pawn shops were doing good business.

Council leader Tom Beattie said: “The comments are offensive and bordering on racist, with the reference to Scottish people and ginger hair. Corby people are hard-working and resilient. The town is on the up and coming through difficult times, struggling with a double-dip recession. I’m disappointed in the article but not surprised.”

Newsagent Bipin Karsandas, partner at The Paper Shop in New Post Office Square, said: “It’s unfair. Corby is a great place to live and the people are friendly. It’s suffering due to the economic downturn, but that’s the case everywhere.”

Matthew Reay, 22, of Burns Drive, Corby, who is unemployed and looking for a job in education, said: “I am outraged by this article and so are my friends.

“The writer doesn’t understand anything about Corby and the problems it has now, or those it faced after the steelworks closed.

“Young people in Corby are struggling to find employment and the last thing we need is a stranger coming here and ripping the town to shreds.

Cllr Mark Pengelly said: “The article is complete rubbish. People in Corby work really hard and the regeneration is continuing.”

UKIP’s prospective parliamentary candidate in the November 15 by-election, Margot Parker, said; “The article is a disgraceful slur on Corby. It’s outrageous. The whole tone is derogatory.

“Tremendous progress has been made in Corby and this is an insult to its decent, hard-working people.”