Anger as newly repaired roads in Rushden are dug up again

Craig Wood and Alec Simpson by the junction of High Street South and Wymington Road
Craig Wood and Alec Simpson by the junction of High Street South and Wymington Road

A resident has complained after recently resurfaced roads were dug up again.

Alec Simpson, of Rushden, is angry at the lack of co-ordination between the county council and the utilities firms after High Street South and Wymington Road in the town were dug up months after being resurfaced, and shortly after they had been dug up to replace the gas mains.

He said: “For months during the winter of 2012-13 residents had to endure delays as these roads were ripped up and the gas mains replaced.

“When the contractors finally moved on they left behind a road reminiscent of a farm track.”

The roads were resurfaced in the summer only to be dug up again last month.

Mr Simpson said: “I assumed that all maintenance work had been completed and our civil servants had carried out the appropriate checks with other agencies and decided to use taxpayers’ money to finance the replacement of the road surface. How wrong was I.”

A Northamptonshire County Council spokesman said: “The county council was one of the first authorities to introduce a permit scheme which allowed the council to co-ordinate when utility companies could carry out work.

“The permit scheme means we have the control of when utility companies can do their work on the county’s roads and we can impose reasonable restrictions on them so the work is at a beneficial time for everyone.

“But there are occasions when emergency works are required which means that the utility firms require access to dig up the road.

“Legally the utility company is obliged to return the road to the condition in which they found it.”