Andrew’s romantic gesture is caught on TV

Andrew and Michelle
Andrew and Michelle

A man from Little Harrowden proposed to his girlfriend on camera after winning a TV game show.

Andrew Shanks, a lift engineer, was seen asking his girlfriend Michelle Smith to marry him after he won £2,700 on ITV’s Tipping Point show today (Wednesday, April 15).

Andrew said: “I watch Tipping Point a lot and always seem to be able to answer the questions, I know lots of stupid stuff, so I rang up and asked about entering.

“I had a couple of phone auditions and then went to Leicester for a screen test before going to London to film it on my own.

“I basically won it in the first round when I did really well. Then I got a bit lax so I didn’t win as much as I could have done. I said if I won I’d propose to my missus so at the end I looked in the camera and asked her to marry me.”

Michelle, a childminder, and Andrew have been together for about two years and she didn’t know about Andrew’s romantic gesture when she sat down to watch the show with him.

Andrew’s mother, Heather Prorok, said: “There were about 15 family and friends at their house and when it got to the last few moments and people realised what was happening there were lots of tears all round. When Michelle got over the shock and stopped crying she said yes.”

Andrew then gave Michelle a ring he had bought with some of the prize money.