An eco-friendly cuppa in a van

Lianna Lawrence and Richard Simister
Lianna Lawrence and Richard Simister

A Kettering couple have made their dream of running an eco-friendly business a reality after opening the Green Tea Van at Twywell Hills and Dales.

Lianna Lawrence, 34, and Richard Simister, 40, sell drinks, ice creams, bacon rolls and cakes from the artificially-grassed van at the 55-hectare countryside park – which is a haven for wildlife and popular among dog walkers and cyclists.

The couple, who have run other café vans in the past, were determined to make the new venture as environmentally sound as possible.

As a result they recycle almost all of their waste, provide customers with compostable coffee cups and source the majority of their food from Kettering and Corby.

Lianna said: “We worked closely with the Rockingham Trust, which runs Twywell Hills and Lakes, to make sure that the van enhances the site’s facilities, without spoiling the beautiful surroundings.

“We especially wanted recyclable takeaway cups but we were surprised to find the different materials used in a hot drink cup make it very difficult to recycle. We eventually found the I’m a Green Cup compostable cup that they can compost and our neighbours will use the compost on their allotment.”

The artificial grass attached to the outside of the van was inspired by a similar idea the couple saw on a recent trip to Sydney.