Amendment granted on Wellingborough woman’s ASBO

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An amendment has been granted to an anti-social behaviour order (ASBO) served on Wellingborough woman Liane O’Dea.

O’Dea, aged 42, of North Street, Wellingborough, is prohibited from -

1) Entering or loitering outside premises known as Bell Court, Perkins Court or Winstanley Road, Wellingborough

2) Causing any nuisance, distress or harassment by approaching any member of the public with a view to begging, cheating or otherwise dishonestly seeking to gain money or property

3) Inciting or encouraging any person to withdraw money from a bank branch or cash machine

4) Inciting or encouraging any other person to carry out any of the prohibitions in this order.

The amendment was made by Wellingborough magistrates to the order originally served on O’Dea on May 18 2011, which is in place for five years.