All systems go for new greener home

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A UNIQUE environmentally-friendly home is set to be built in Little Harrowden after planners gave it the go-ahead.

The new home will be built by Colin Stanley at 103 Main Street. It will be completely self-sufficient and reliable only on renewable energy, including solar power, water and waste, and a heat exchange system from the lake next to the building.

The house has been designed to be an energy-neutral building which will actually export energy to the National Grid.

Mr Stanley, 72, said he was delighted the application received planning permission from Wellingborough Council.

Living in the new eco-home will be a big change for Mr Stanley as he currently lives in a 300-year-old traditional listed building in Little Harrowden.

He decided to build his dream green home in order to become more environmentally friendly.

He said: “It will be entirely eco-friendly and will have no waste whatsoever. It is tremendously exciting. I am 72 and this is going to be my last adventure. My wife Ann loves the house that we live in, it’s very different to the house that we are going to build on the lake.”

The application had attracted 16 letters of complaint from people living in the village.

Mr Stanley added: “I don’t necessarily agree with what they have said, but I wouldn’t deny people the opportunity to have their say.”

Members of the council’s planning committee voted in favour of approving the plan by six votes to two.

Several members said the design was “unique, outstanding and well designed”.