All in a day’s work for Corby woman who saved life of man on way home from shift

Weronika with Daniel (centre) and general manager Jak (left).
Weronika with Daniel (centre) and general manager Jak (left).

A Corby restaurant and bar worker has been branded a modern day saint after she came to the aid of a man who was struggling to breathe.

Paletto Lounge worker Weronika Wojdak finished her shift at 7pm on Monday, August 15, when she noticed a man called Daniel fitting on the pavement and struggling to breathe.

She ran over and put him in the recovery position, but the man was not responding to anything she was saying.

Weronika, 21, found his wallet and realised he was Polish so spoke to him in his native tongue - being half-Polish herself - before going with him to Kettering General Hospital, where she stayed until midnight.

But she says she doesn’t deserve the many messages of praise she has received.

She said: “I left work a little bit late and saw Daniel on the floor fitting.

“I’m not first-aid trained but my father taught me what to do so I put him in the recovery position and called for an ambulance.

“I don’t feel like a hero, it’s just the human thing to do.

“People keep congratulating me but I just say ‘why are you congratulating me?’

“It’s like someone congratulating me for making them a drink.”

Daniel had lost some memory after his fit so Weronika helped him piece things together, contacting family and friends.

Weronika moved to England from Poland with her parents 11 years ago, and her mother tongue came in handy during the incident, acting as a translator to the paramedics.

She added: “I called Daniel’s mum who lives in Poland and managed to speak to her to let her know what was going on.

“His family have said thank you to me and he has made a good recovery.

“Daniel came in personally to meet us all last week as well which was really nice.”