Alarms fitted after house fire

MORE than 100 smoke alarms have been given out in just four days on the Kettering estate where a seven-year-old boy tragically died this week in a blaze.

Staff from Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue service have been visiting homes around Edinburgh Road, the street that was the scene of the house fire this week, to test alarms and offer safety advice to local residents who have been left stunned by the news.

Warren Ellison, station manager at Kettering Fire Station, said: “As a result of the tragedy on Tuesday, we’ve gone into the area to re-assure the community, give out advice, and maintain a presence.

“We’ve also tested out smoke alarms and we’ve found that there have been a lot of people whose alarms weren’t working and didn’t know what to do in a fire.

“We’ve fitted more fire alarms in less than a week than what we would do in a month.

“It’s a bit frustrating but I’m aware people don’t have working alarms for whatever reason.

“The crucial thing is to test them every month.”

Fire officers have been covering the area since Wednesday in an operation called ‘hot strike’.

The house fire in Edinburgh Road claimed the life of seven-year-old Mateusz despite the best efforts of firefighters and paramedics.

The cause of the blaze has yet to be determined and the county’s fire service has now appealed to Northamptonshire residents to keep their fire alarms in check.

The service has recommended that people test their alarms every week, fit alarms on each floor of their buildings, and make sure the batteries are changed once a year.

It is also offering fire safety visits to offer advice to people on how to make their households safe.

Those interested can fill out a request form online by visiting the website