Alan Mills made Rowell Fair’s deputy bailiff

Alan Mills
Alan Mills

The Lord of the Manor of Rothwell, Zandra Powell, has appointed councillor Alan Mills as the new deputy bailiff of Rowell Fair.

Mr Mills will take over from current bailiff Robert Denton, who is set to retire in 2014.

The bailiff’s duties include reading the charter for the fair on Proclamation Monday, organising the showmen and rides for Fair Week and making arrangements for the market which takes place in the town centre every Monday.

Next year the historic fair will be held for the 809th time. It began in 1204 when King John granted the town its charter permitting a market to be held every Monday.

And Mr Mills said his appointment was a “tremendous honour”.

He said: “I am a town councillor and a borough councillor, but this tops it all.”

He said he was looking forward to the challenge of being the new bailiff as well as the spectacle of Rowell Fair itself.

He also pledged to try to get the town’s young people more involved with the fair.

Mr Mills takes over in 2014, the 400th anniversary of the King James Charter, which created the position of the Lord of the Manor.