Air pollution has not had any effect on emergency hospital admissions

There have been no extra recorded A&E admissions in Kettering as a result of the polluted air blowing across the region.

Air quality levels in Northamptonshire have been poor over the past few days, with high levels of air pollution recorded.

The worst-hit areas today were London and the South East were pollution levels hit the maximum high of 10.

In our county the levels were between seven and nine today with the worst air quality expected to hit this afternoon.

And despite a 14 per cent rise calls to some ambulance services from people with respiratory problems, health bosses said there were no extra admissions to Kettering Hospital as a result of the pollution.

A government helpline is advising people to avoid physical exertion in areas of very high air pollution

Amazon bosses have said sales of face masks were up 15 per cent compared with last week.

The pollution is being caused by a mixture of Sahara sand, gases from Europe and domestic pollution.

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