Additional patrols to tackle Wollaston's dog poo problem

Officers will be patrolling Wollaston for dog fouling offences.
Officers will be patrolling Wollaston for dog fouling offences.

Environmental officers will be patrolling Wollaston after a rising number of complaints about dog poo.

Wellingborough Council says there has been an increase in dog walkers not cleaning up after their pets, leaving a mess for passers-by in the village.

Now the council's environmental protection team will have an increased presence in the village to deter dog walkers from not bagging their mess and will be on hand to issue fines of £100 for anyone found to be flouting the law.

Council leader Martin Griffiths said: “Dog mess is unpleasant, smelly, anti-social and can cause a serious health risk including fatal diseases such as Parvo or Toxocariasis which can cause serious illness.

"We would like to thank all residents who clear up after their pets and use the bins which are available across the borough.

“We will be carrying out additional patrols in dog fouling hot spots in the borough over the next few weeks in a bid to target anyone found not bagging their dog’s mess and issuing fines where necessary.”

Last year we revealed the authority, as well as nearby Kettering Council, failed to fine anyone for failing to clear up after their pooch.

To report any offences contact