Actors support shoebox appeal for animal charity

The actors with Carla Alderman from Nanna
The actors with Carla Alderman from Nanna

Actors Kirsty Malpass and John Addison took take time out of rehearsals to visit NANNA in Irthlingborough to support the charity’s shoebox campaign.

The actors, who play Pongo and Missis in The Castle’s Christmas production of The Hundred and One Dalmatians, went along to the animal shelter in Irthlingborough along with much-needed duvets to help the shelter care for the animals during the winter.

The Wellingborough theatre is supporting NANNA’s shoebox campaign to help the animals during the cold weather.

Shoeboxes can be made for dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs or any other pet.

Items can include bedding, dog coats, food, treats, toys, brushes, chews and water bottles.

A spokesman for The Castle said: “Dogs are for life, not just for Christmas and it’s very sad that so many dogs – and other animals – end up in animal shelters.

“NANNA’s shoebox campaign is a fantastic way for people to help this great facility look after their animals through the winter.

“We’re delighted to donate some items that we hope will help and hope other people can also contribute a few items to make their winter more comfortable.”

Anyone wishing to donate can take their shoebox along to The Castle, who will pass it on to NANNA.