Action to prevent Rushden dog attacks

Mundip Sembhi was attacked by a dog in Hall Park, Rushden
Mundip Sembhi was attacked by a dog in Hall Park, Rushden

A dog control order could be introduced at a park where a man was badly injured in an unprovoked attack.

The Telegraph reported last week how Mundip Sembhi was going for a walk in Hall Park, Rushden, when he was savagely attacked by an animal, believed to be a boxer-type dog, at about 1.30pm on Saturday, February 22.

His injuries needed two operations, including to remove a tooth from the animal which had been left in his leg, and he has been off work since.

Following the attack, which took place in daylight and at a time when lots of people use the park, East Northamptonshire Council is working with Rushden Town Council to try to prevent any further incidents.

A consultation has been launched to gauge people’s views on a dog control order being introduced so dogs must be on leads in the majority of the park.

A spokesman for East Northamptonshire Council said the current proposal from Rushden Town Council is for dog owners to keep their dogs on leads in the majority of the park, with the exception of a six-acre area where dogs will be able to run freely and off the lead.

This area, which is made up of part of the original park as well as an additional piece of land which has been bought by the town council, will be bordered by fencing and have suitable access gates.

The district council spokesman said: “It is important to point out that, at this stage, this is still a proposal.

“Neither Rushden Town Council nor East Northamptonshire Council have made any final decision as to whether the order should be bought into force.

“The purpose of this consultation is to understand the views of all the users or potential users of Hall Park to ensure it can be enjoyed by all residents and visitors.”

A spokesman for Rushden Town Council said: “The area is going to be six acres for dogs to run freely. It is going to be enclosed so it is safe.”

The spokesman added the area will account for about 20 per cent of the park.

Anyone wishing to have their say on the dog control order can take part in the consultation, which will run until April 4, at

Police have been out to the park on at at least three occasions since the attack to speak to people about it.

Any witnesses to the attack can call the police on 101.