Action group launched to stop speeding along road between Rushden and Higham Ferrers

Residents want people to slow down in Higham Road, Rushden
Residents want people to slow down in Higham Road, Rushden

An action group has been launched by residents to try and put the brakes on drivers speeding on the road outside their homes.

People living in Higham Road, Rushden, have set up the ‘Slowdown Rushden & Higham’ action group in a bid to stop problems with speeding, including noise around the clock and damage to cars caused by speeding vehicles.

Figures released to the group by police show that in one week in July, in which 85,000 vehicles were checked, 67 per cent were over the 30mph limit in Higham Road.

The traffic survey also revealed that a motorbike was recorded doing 93mph, the fastest car was found doing 77mph and the fastest LGV was 63mph.

One resident said: “We just moved here, and had no idea there was such a problem, some of these speeding vehicles are lethal weapons in the hands of mindless idiots.”

Another couple living in the area said they have abandoned their front bedroom and now sleep at the back of their house to get away from the 24-hour noise pollution from high speed and revving engines, as well as vehicles with modified exhausts and lowered suspension.

The residents felt they were not being listened to for some time, but feel they are now seeing some progress and hope to see more now they have set up the action group.

One member of the group, who asked to remain anonymous, said: “We’re grateful that the Chief Constable Simon Edens, new to the job, has asked Inspector Julie Mead to lead the process of change.

“She has a very good reputation and we believe we can work with her to solve this.”

Cllr Dorothy Maxwell has given her support to the action group, which had its first meeting last week.

It is hoped that a meeting with campaigners as well as representatives from the police, local council, highways department and safer roads team, can take place in the near future to look at how the speeding issue can be tackled.

Residents are being encouraged to attend and make their case either personally or via the group.

A spokesman for Northamptonshire Police said: “We take all reports of speeding seriously and we have been actively looking into concerns raised by residents on Higham Road, Rushden.

“Our work has seen a wide variety of measures taken to address these concerns including dedicated speed patrols in the area and the erection of new speed warning signs along the route.

“There will be further road safety operations throughout Higham and Rushden to tackle these issues in the future.”

One of the aims of the campaign group is to involve local businesses, schools and residents in a campaign for zero tolerance of speeding, and they want to put pressure on the council and police to improve signage and install average speed cameras, and prosecute offenders where necessary.

Anyone wishing to support the campaign can contact the group at or

The group has also been asked by Insp Mead to help identify anyone willing to serve as Special Parish Constables or Community SpeedWatch volunteers.