A single bat is holding up Corby cinema plans

A SOLITARY bat hanging around in Corby will force a temporary stop to work on the town’s big new cinema development.

Work to demolish the former Tresham College buildings, which began earlier this year, will be suspended soon for up to two weeks to allow the creature of the night, which lives on the site, to wake from its hibernation.

The work is the latest stage of the major regeneration of the town.

The delay will be until night temperatures are warm enough for the common pipistrelle to fly safely to a new home. This is not expected until later this month.

People eagerly anticipating the arrival of the Odeon have called for swifter action to be taken to ensure the six-screen cinema complex and leisure development is delivered on time.

Corby Council, which owns part of the site along with the Homes and Communities Agency, which owns the remainder, said the bat’s presence was taken in to account from the start and will not delay the project .

A Corby Council spokesman said: “The demolition time frame remains on target as the bat removal was factored in from the start.

“The demolition timescale does not have an impact on the land sale negotiation and potential opening date.

“Should Corby Borough Council and the Homes and Communities Agency get approval to sell the site, we will be working towards an early 2014 completion of the cinema building.”

The bat licence in place does not allow the bat to be relocated.

Instead, bat exclusion devices will be fitted to prevent it from returning while further work is carried out on the site.

James Hughes, 19, from the Beanfield estate, said: “I think Corby needs a cinema as soon as possible.

“It would help stop younger people from hanging around on the streets.”

Corby Council’s deputy leader Cllr Mark Pengelly said he was very confident the project would go ahead.

He said: “Things are still ongoing with the cinema and we are very confident speaking to our officers and partners it’s going to go ahead and we are looking forward to going in there ourselves to see a film.”