A-levels: Wellingborough School

Students at Wellingborough School with their results
Students at Wellingborough School with their results

Wellingborough School is extremely proud of the achievements of its Upper Sixth, members of which received their A-level results today.

Figures show 23 of the 79 pupils, nearly 30 per cent, gained at least one A*.

50 per cent or more of all entries at A-level in art, photography, chemistry, English literature, mathematics, further mathematics and physics were A or A* graded showing the breadth of the success across the curriculum areas.

Congratulations must go to a significant number of students who gained entry to leading universities.

Saim Saeed deserves the highest praise on his successful entry to Cambridge to study economics, having gained three A* grades and one A grade.

Hugh Baxter (A*A*AA ) will study physics with astronomy at Nottingham, Shaan Patel (A*A*AA) has gained his place to study economics at UCL, Ben Minter (A*A*A) will study mathematics at Warwick, Luc Elsby (A*A*A) economics at Nottingham and Maddie Kunkler (A*A*A) liberal arts at Bristol.

Alex Harker (A*AA), Sheriff Rizkallah (A*AA) and Molly Timlin (A*AA) have all achieved entry requirements to study medicine.

Tom Murdoch (A*AA) is going to UCL to study modern languages and Ella Saxby (A*AA) to Leeds to study management with marketing.

Other pupils, many of whom have secured their first choice university option, are following courses in areas such as digital media, agricultural business management with industrial training, sports technology, acting and fine art with history of art as well of those studying subjects which are a continuation of the school curriculum.

Garry Bowe, headmaster of Wellingborough School, praised the performance of the pupils, and said: “Today is a proud day for students and staff at Wellingborough School, as we see the many success stories of pupils who have turned their hard work into good grades.

“Their parents will be rejoicing too, having supported their sons and daughters throughout the challenging two year A-level course.

“We wish all of our pupils every success on their chosen paths and look forward to hearing about their future successes, whether at university or in the world of work.”

Here are just a few of the school’s success stories:

- Maddy Kunkler, 18, from Earls Barton, achieved A*s in History and English, and an A in Latin.

She will now go on to study liberal arts at Bristol University.

She said: “I am so relieved to have got into Bristol and am beyond happy with my results.”

- Luc Elsby, 18, from Earls Barton, achieved A*s in Maths and Economics, and an A in Spanish.

He will now go to Nottingham University to study economics.

He said: “I had hoped to do well in my exams, but didn’t think I would do so well. I worked hard throughout the two years and revised a lot, so I’m very happy with my results today.”

- Hugh Baxter, 18, from Kettering, achieved an A* in chemistry, A* in physics, A in maths and A in biology.

He will now study physics and astro-physics at Nottingham.

He said: “I was worked hard throughout the two years and was pleased with how the exams went, so felt quite confident. But I’m still very happy to get these results today.”

- Alex Harker, 18, from Kettering, received an A* in biology, A in maths and A in chemistry.

He will now study medicine at Nottingham University.

He said: “I didn’t expect to get an A*, especially in biology, but I needed three As to study medicine, so I’m really happy with my results.”

- Ella Saxby, 18, from Great Harrowden, achieved an A* in art, A in history and A in business studies.

She will now progress to study management with marketing at University of Leeds.

She said: “I worked really hard and pushed myself, but am still pleasantly surprised with my results. I’ve studied at Wellingborough School for 15 years and will miss it, but am ready to move onto university.”

- Tom Murdoch, 18, from Northampton, received an A* in politics, A in French and A in Latin.

He now looks forward to studying French and Russian at UCL.

He said: “I had always hoped to, but never expected to do so well. I’m shocked really. I put in a lot of work over the last two years and am glad it has all paid off. I’m now looking forward to my university course, where I will be picking up Russian from scratch.”