A-Levels: Kingswood Secondary Academy, Corby

Kingswood Secondary Academy.
Kingswood Secondary Academy.

Students at Kingswood Secondary Academy in Corby are celebrating after receiving their results for their A-Levels and equivalent courses.

The school says overall their results have improved, with the gap between all students and disadvantaged students reducing significantly.

The average grade per student has increased from a C to a C+, with the school’s cohort 25 per cent bigger this year.

Andy Burton, principal, said: “One never knows how the results will actually look come results day.

“Whilst we do all we can to teach the students as well as possible, prepare them properly for their exams, help them to revise and provide as much pastoral support as is needed, it is always a nervous wait to see the fruits of our labours.

“I am delighted to say that at this early stage the picture is a very positive one.

“Our cohort of students taking exams and assessments grew by over 25 per cent this year, and overall they have performed better with the results improved at A-Level, Applied General Level and Technical Level across the board.

“As such, students are going off to university or entering their career better equipped to succeed than ever before.

“I am proud of our students and staff, ably supported by the wider academy community and families at home.

“Their hard work and commitment is testament to the continuing success and improvement of the Kingswood Secondary Academy.”

One student who retook his exams achieved an A* in mathematics, an A in physics, a B in biology and a distinction* in ICT BTEC through renewed effort and commitment.

The school also praised Matthew McSevney, who achieved a triple distinction* in his BTEC performing arts.