A&E at KGH visited almost 350 times by just 10 people last year

GV of Kettering General Hospital (KGH) NNL-140703-114637001
GV of Kettering General Hospital (KGH) NNL-140703-114637001

The 10 most frequent attenders at KGH’s A&E department racked up almost 350 visits in 12 months last year.

A Freedom of Information request by the Northants Telegraph revealed they totalled 345 visits - close to a one a day between them - in 2016.

The visitors included a 35-year-old female who attended 47 times and a 59-year-old male who visited 46 times – almost one visit a week.

Kettering General Hospital’s lead nurse for urgent care, David Anderson, said: “As a general rule the patients who attend the hospital’s A&E department on a very regular basis have underlying personal problems.

“They may have mental health or psychological problems or have dependency issues with drugs and/or alcohol.

“Even where people present with health conditions, often these are actually related closely to their other underlying problems.

“This year we are working very closely with our community mental health partners, Northamptonshire Healthcare Foundation Trust, to give additional support to these patients to help reduce their attendance in hospital.

“This will involve agreeing a care plan with them where they explore other alternatives first before attending A&E – such as contacting their community psychiatric nurse or seeing their GP.”

In 2016 in total, KGH was visited 87,557 times.

The visits by the 10 most frequent attenders equated to 0.39 per cent of these.

The month which saw the most attendances, perhaps surprisingly, was July with 7,788.

February saw the least with 6,686 although it is the shortest month.

The 10 most frequent attenders:

Female, aged 35 – 47 visits

Male, 59 – 46 visits

Female, 21 – 39 visits

Male, 59/60 – 38 visits

Female, 69/70 – 35 visits

Male, 38/39 – 31 visits

Female, 30/31 – 31 visits

Female, 86/87 – 28 visits

Female, 22/23 – 25 visits

Female, 41/42 – 25 visits