A chance to get something back

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I pray that the Rushden Lakes plan will go through, not just for the jobs that will be created in the immediate area for the long term but the spin off service jobs and people needed to build the Rushden Lakes site.

Councils have to get used to the idea that many retail companies no longer want to refurbish high street shops at great cost, plus have the expense of heating and personnel when they can do as much business online for much lower overheads.

These sort of projects should be grabbed with both hands when the opportunity arises. The fact that surrounding councils cannot attract such a scheme should not stop Rushden from getting the development it so badly needs.

Many years ago Northampton turned down IKEA from building a store on the outskirts of the town near the motorway fearing it would take away trade from the town centre.

Milton Keynes jumped at the chance and now people go to Milton Keynes IKEA and while they are there say, “let’s just pop into the centre before we go home”.

The difference was that Northampton didn’t have a town centre that people wanted to visit anyway. You have to develop both in conjunction so that they feed off one another.

The Lakes development would be great for the area, bringing much needed trade to the East Northants region.

Rushden has lost so much in the last few years, don’t deny them this chance to get something back.

Paul Knighton


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