90-home plan for villages defended

A LANDOWNER has defended his plans to build about 90 homes between two villages.

Bill Kiff wants to build the homes on land behind Cottingham Hall between the two villages of Cottingham and Middleton.

Some villagers slammed the plans at a meeting of Cottingham Parish Council's planning committee last week, saying the scheme would increase traffic on village roads and went against Corby's Local Plan.

But Mr Kiff said many people in the villages supported the plan.

He said: "Corby Council's planning department is in receipt of a signed petition of 211 residents and a further 135 letters, all of which support the application.

"It is fact that 31.74 per cent of residents say they support large scale development.

"Even if all the villagers who attended the meeting were against the development, that would represent a mere 9.17 per cent of both villages."

The houses will range in price from 200,000 to 500,000.

If the plan is approved 500,000 would be spent on improving infrastructure in both villages.

Mr Kiff will donate 300,000 for a new village hall in Cottingham and 150,000 will go towards a new community facility for Middleton.

Another 20,000 would be made available for traffic-calming measures while St Mary Magdalene Church would get 20,000 for repairs and Cottingham Methodist Church 10,000.

Mr Kiff said: "The application is inconsistent with the current Corby Local Plan but it is out of date and irrelevant.

"The new local development framework is still to be debated and eventually adopted."

He also said documents being drawn up to map out the growth of the region do not rule out developments in Cottingham and Middleton.

Maggie Silcock, of Berryfield Road, Cottingham, said: "I can see both sides.

"Perhaps it would not look very nice from my garden but then I could always look the other way."