850 county people on drink and drug benefits

Hundreds of drink abusers are claiming benefits
Hundreds of drink abusers are claiming benefits
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A total of 850 people in the county are claiming disability benefits because they are addicted to drugs and alcohol.

In figures released by the government in support of their proposed benefit shake up, the numbers show that there are 700 residents in the county who are claiming incapacity benefit or its replacement, employment support allowance, because of their drink or drugs problems last year.

A further 150 were claiming disability living allowance with drink or drugs problems their main disabling condition.

The figures show that 250 people were claiming benefits because of drug abuse in the county, whereas 450 were claiming because of drink problems.

Northampton had the highest rates, with 280 claiming benefits - 210 for drink and 70 for drugs.

Corby also had a high rate of 110 claimants, 60 for drink problems and 50 for drug issues.

Kettering had 100 claiming, 50 people apiece for both drink and drugs problems.

A total of 100 also claimed in Wellingborough, 60 people for drink issues, and 40 people for drug abuse.

East Northamptonshire had half the total of our towns, with only 50 claiming - 30 for alcohol problems and 20 for drugs issues.

For disability living allowance, there were 20 claimants in Corby, 20 in Kettering, and East Northamptonshire and Wellingborough had ten residents each.

Countrywide, more than 70,000 people addicted to drink and drugs were on benefits, the figures reveal.