£60,000 needed for repairs at Wellingborough’s Castle theatre

The Castle theatre in Wellingborough
The Castle theatre in Wellingborough

A request for urgent action to provide £60,000 to carry out repairs at a theatre has been approved.

Repairs to the heating and air handling controls at The Castle theatre in Wellingborough will be carried out after the request was given the go-ahead by Wellingborough Council under delegated powers.

Members of the council’s resources commmittee will be asked to note the urgent action request for a capital sum of £60,000 to cover the costs at their next meeting on November 1.

The request says the reason for urgency is that the controls have been repaired several times since the council took over maintenance of the theatre in June 2016 and there is a ‘significant risk’ they could fail over the winter, which could lead to complaints from customers.

The request for urgent action states: “The controls to the heating and air handling units for the auditorium, studios and restaurant are not effective and have already failed several times over the past year.

“They have not been maintained over the years, and - to ensure that customers do not suffer excessive cold in the winter and heat in the summer - these need to be replaced.

“Waiting until the next resources committee will delay the start of the works, and by then the weather will be significantly cooler.”

A report prepared for councillors ahead of next week’s meeting says: “In order to mitigate this risk it is prudent to complete the necessary works to upgrade the control system and extend the operational life of the asset at the earliest opportunity.”