2014 will not be Northamptonshire’s warmest year – but county set to miss out on a white Christmas

It is unlikely to snow on Christmas Day in Northamptonshire
It is unlikely to snow on Christmas Day in Northamptonshire

A Northamptonshire weather station says 2014 won’t be the warmest year on record – with the county likely to buck the trend for the UK as a whole.

And Northamptonshire is also set to miss out on a white Christmas.

Forecasters speculated earlier this week that Britain could have its highest average temperature this year since records began in 1772.

But meteorologists at the Pitsford Hall weather station say Northamptonshire is extremely unlikely to follow suit.

However, 2014 is still set to be one of the 10 warmest years on record.

Pitsford Hall said the warmest year on record here was 1957, with an average temperature for the year as a whole of 12.3C.

However, this year’s average is currently 11.2C – meaning December would need to be 0.6C above its long-term average for the year to come in as the warmest since 1990, and warmer than July to beat the overall record.

But the station also says that even a really cold December with temperatures as much as 1.8C below average would mean 2014 would still fall within the 10 warmest years ever.

The weather station has predicted temperatures will fall sharply because of a much colder northerly airflow, with parts of Wales and Scotland seeing their first significant snowfall of the winter.

However, following this brief cold spell a milder and westerly flow will develop around the middle of the month with more settled and colder conditions following on for the remainder.

At this stage, the probability of a white Christmas in Northampton is low.