102-year-old silver surfer chats to her son on Skype

Elm Bank Care Home, Kettering, resident Dorothy Goss, 102, using Skype to speak to her son Mike in Canada
Elm Bank Care Home, Kettering, resident Dorothy Goss, 102, using Skype to speak to her son Mike in Canada

A silver surfer aged 102 is proving you are never too old to get online as she chats to her son via video call service Skype.

Centenarian Dorothy Goss, a resident at Elm Bank Care Home, Kettering, uses the service to speak to her son Mike in Canada.

Joshua Daniel, recreation and leisure organiser for the care home in Northampton Road, said: “Dorothy was delighted to be able to see and talk with her son in Canada.

“Most of us take the internet and social media for granted these days. For many it’s become part of daily life and yet the elderly, who have the most to gain from using the internet are probably the least likely to take advantage of it.

“The elderly can often feel isolated from family and friends especially in cases where geography separates them. The internet opens up a whole new world to them.”

The care home gives unrestricted access to the internet and residents regularly visit websites like Youtube and BBC iPlayer as well as Skype.

Manager Zoe Kirk said: “Digital technologies are not commonplace within care homes but here at Elm Bank the internet and social media form an important part of our activities plan.

“We’ve shown residents how getting on line allows them access to a myriad of information, allows more regular contact with relatives and friends meaning they can keep in contact with sons and daughters, grandchildren at university and family and friends right across the globe.

“We should remember that mental well being is as important to residents as physical good health. Keeping residents mentally active and challenged is at the top our recreation and leisure agenda.

“All our activities are planned with residents and where a resident has a special interest or activity we work with them to try to incorporate it in to our activity plan and of course this allows other residents to participate in activities that they may have never tried or considered.”

Elm Bank is looking to further develop relationships with businesses, community groups, schools, colleges or individuals of any age who feel they can share experiences with residents.

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