Kamfung Tsang-Critchlow and Ray Critchlow
Kamfung Tsang-Critchlow and Ray Critchlow

A fish and chip shop opening for breakfast might be a break from the norm, but it’s toasted sandwiches and bagels on offer rather than battered cod.

Olympic Fish Bar in Olympic Way, Wellingborough, recently started opening for breakfast to offer schoolchildren in the area a healthy alternative.

Morning snacks on the menu include toasted sandwiches, bagel sandwiches and and muffins, all with different choices of fillings.

Ray Critchlow, 54, who runs the shop with his wife Kamfung Tsang-Critchlow, said: “The reason I started this is having driven up and down the Queensway at 8am, I noticed that outside the shops there are children stuffing their faces with chocolate for breakfast or as a breakfast alternative. We want to offer them a healthy alternative and they will include as many vegetables as possible.

“We started opening for breakfast last week and unlike when we first opened for lunch this has taken off straight away.”

The move is already a hit with builders working locally and Mr Critchlow hopes it will be met with the same reaction by schoolchildren once the new term starts next month.