Slideshow: Baby elephant’s first few days

Meet latest addition to Midlands visitor attraction Twycross Zoo!

One of the zoo’s four Asian elephants gave birth to a healthy female calf after a hefty 22-month pregnancy.

Head of Life Sciences at Twycross Dr Charlotte Macdonald said: “The calf was up on its feet after a matter of minutes.

“The infant has bonded very well with mum, who is doing an exceptional job of taking care of her.”

The young calf will suckle an incredible 11 litres of milk a day from her mother until she is about 12 months old, after which she will also begin to take solids such as vegetables, fruit and hay.

When she reaches adulthood, just like her mum, she will be munching her way through four bales of hay, several buckets of vegetables and fruit and numerous gallons of water a day to wash it all down!

Our former chief photographer Glyn Dobbs took these pictures.