Family days out: Corby Laser Arena

Ready to go at Corby Laser Arena
Ready to go at Corby Laser Arena

Tucked away in Corby Town Centre is Corby Laser Arena.

I’d been searching for something a little bit different for my two eldest children to do which would a) keep them entertained and b) tire them out.

So where better to take them to achieve both of these than here!

We arrived promptly at midday which is when they were due to be open, only to find the shutters were still down.

However, there was a contact number posted outside for queries during closing hours.

After a quick call, owner Matthew apologised and said he was on his way as he’d been held up.

After talking to Matthew once he arrived, it became apparent there isn’t a huge demand that early in the day, which is why it was a little quiet when we arrived.

The kids were keen to get started and we opted for the two games at £9 each which included a free drink.

Each game is about 25 minutes in length – and the game itself can be adjusted according to how any people are playing and how you want to play.

Players (depending on how many are taking part) can work together to better the opposing team’s score over a 25-minute game.

Points are awarded for shooting an opposing team member.

As we were the first ones here, it was just Kai and Ella playing their first game.

Before they started, they had a 10-minute ‘briefing’ where Matthew talked through the equipment and how they should play the game.

He was great in explaining it simply so that they understood.

After the briefing they entered the pack room which had all of the laser packs lined up, ready to use.

Ella was on green team and Kai on red. The objective was for them to try to score the most points against each other, ‘shooting’ the targets on their chest, back and laser gun.

But don’t worry – they didn’t feel anything when hit.

Laser tag is a family game suited to adults and children aged six and up and the lasers themselves are completely harmless.

Both were excited about the game ahead and entered through the door painted with a skull.

The staff were very hands-on and as Kai and Ella had never played before, they guided them through the first game, giving them hints and tips on how to play the best they could.

There were lots of giggles and excitement as they both tried to laser tag each other – and they got quite hot too!

At the end of the first game the kids were both buzzing (Kai won – you’ll need to remember your colour and number of your pack to get your scores) and were eager to play their next game.

However, they first had a much-needed break and had their free drink.

After 10 minutes cooling down, they were off again!

This time there were another two players so the game dynamics changed – they were all now against each other, irrespective of the colour packs they were wearing.

Ella won the second game with Kai coming second.

I think they must have been trying hard to win as they both had rosy cheeks and felt a bit hot!

Ella admitted she found it hard to keep going in the last game as she said it felt hard carrying the laser gun.

But after 50 minutes of play, I’m not surprised!

However, it wasn’t long before Kai was asking for another game and for the next hour he was eagerly talking about his experience, asking when he could go again.

I certainly went home with the knowledge that today was a good choice.

Top tip

It tends to be quieter first thing when Corby Laser Arena opens so if there is a large crowd of you wanting to go and play, or you’d rather just play against each other, make sure you get there when it first opens at midday.

What’s on?

There’s a lot on offer here.

Parties are catered for (minimum of eight people required) which includes two 25-minute games, a drink, party food and an ice cream in their party area.

Prices start from £12.50 per head.

There is also ‘drop in and play’ – just pop along to play a single game; two games (plus free drink) or you can even play all day on a wrist band.

If you’re a part of the members club, you get to play on Fridays too.

Also there is a mini-amusement arcade to help keep you entertained.

Where and when

You’ll find Corby Laser Arena in Corby town centre, 46 Queens Square, opposite Café Con Leche (above Waterfall Flowers).

It’s open Fridays from 4pm to 8pm and weekends midday to 8pm, although in the school holidays it is open seven days a week, midday to 8pm.

For more information just visit or call 01536 641641.

How much?

Prices are £5 for one game and for two games it’s £9 which includes a free drink.

There’s a 10-minute briefing before you play to let you know how the game is played.


There’s long stay parking in Willow Place and for short stay parking use Oasis Retail Park in Alexander Road.

This is the closest car park with the exit just 100 yards from Corby Laser Arena.