Experience Everdon

Route: Circular  Distance: Six miles
Route: Circular Distance: Six miles

This week, our walk starts in the village of Everdon and takes in the surrounding area on a six-mile route.

Starting from the front of the Plough Inn, turn right along the road following the “Weedon” signpost, going away from the church. Where the road swings around to the right, turn left and follow the road towards Little Everdon. At end of the stone buildings on your left, go half left across the Tarmac lane and through a kissing gate, following the green Nene Way way-marker post.

Keeping the concrete drive and green tin barn to your right, pass through a kissing gate to left of the double metal gates. Go half right towards a large conifer tree, keeping the nearest trees just to your left. Pass to the right of the way-marker post, walking towards the gates. Go through a kissing gate to right of gate and ahead to the next gate.

Go half left towards the next hedge. Through the kissing gate (beware, bottom rail is longer than the others and can catch your legs), and head slightly right towards two trees. Go through the kissing gate by a metal gate. Walk half right towards a lone tree in the hedge ahead.

Cross the bridge, then walk half left to the bottom left-hand corner of the field to a cross wooden bridge over the infant River Nene.

Walk slightly left aiming for 80 yards to the left of a large tree to the kissing gate in the hedge ahead. At this point, ignore the way-marker arrow ahead, and pass through the gate and immediately walk half right towards a metal gate.

Hop over the low fence into the field and turn right walking with the hedge on your right. Walk towards a large nested tree ahead of you to access a stile to the left of the tree. Cross the stile, (it is extremely high and loose, be careful) and head slightly left for a line of trees in the middle of field keeping them on your right. Look for the power lines ahead and pass through the gate in left -hand comer. Keep the power lines and hedge to your left, and follow them ahead.

Cross the stile and keep ahead with the hedge on your left. Cross the stile in the hedge, go ahead with the other hedge to your left. Go through the wooden gate into a small paddock. Walk half right to the bottom right-hand corner. Cross the stile and continue ahead with the ditch on your left then the hedge and water to the right. Cross the farm track ½ left and over the stile. Walk straight ahead between the two wire fences towards a line of trees, pass through the gap into the next field.

Walk ahead with the hedge to your right. At the end of hedge bear left and cross a wooden bridge to turn immediately right and walk with the hedge on your right. Pass the derelict barn to your left. Pass through the gap in the hedge ahead, and then walk slightly right downhill following the distinct track to a driveway. Turn left onto the driveway. You are now over halfway around the walk.

After approximately 150 yards as the track bends to the left, turn right onto a field to access the stile in the hedge approximately 50 yards to the left of the road bridge. Cross the stile and turn right onto the road, take care here. Cross the river and continue ahead on the road with care, be aware of the road traffic.

At the “T” junction, turn right onto the track following the green Nene Way way-marker post. Further on pass the derelict barns on your left. Cross the river via the bridge and continue ahead walking up the hill, keeping the hedge to your left to pass under the power lines.

Where the track and hedge swing to the left, follow it around. After approximately 100 yards, turn right on the track and walk towards the houses with railings to your left. Note the picturesque thatched pavilion to your right. Go through the gateway onto the drive to the left of the large house.

Turn left onto the road and after approximately 200 yards at the road fork with the yellow fire hydrant sign, turn left and follow the road to the junction into Everdon village. Turn right towards the church with the Plough Inn to the left.

Contributed by Paul Smith for the Ise Valley Vagabonds Walking Club