Mystery of old photograph

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Do you recognise anyone in this photograph? Can you tell us where it was taken?

Reader John Newell contacted the Evening Telegraph to ask for help in identifying which organisation is in the picture and when it was taken.

Mr Newell thinks the photo was taken in the late 1930s or early 1940s and believes brothers Wilfred and Len Dilley are in the picture.

They worked in the steelworks in Corby. Wilfred died in his 60s and had a son called Kenneth who was killed in an accident at the steelworks in 1952.

He said: “I am particularly interested in brothers Wilfred and Len (James Leonard) Dilley. I understand that they are in these groups.

“I think they both worked in the steelworks and I know that Wilfred was with a lady, Mrs Odell, whose son Kenneth was killed in an accident at the steelworks which upset Wilfred quite badly at the time.

“If anyone still remembers the Dilleys and can tell me anything about them I would very much like to hear from them.”

Anyone with information can call Mr Newell on 01933 625291 or email