Fighting to preserve Thrapston’s past

Thrapston High Street
Thrapston High Street

Thrapston District Historical Society updates Telegraph readers on its work.

The society was formed in 1965 in response to the proposed demolition of a large part of the High Street in the town.

The original members realised they couldn’t stop the development but could make sure that what was there previously would not be forgotten.

Over the years, the society has continued to grow in membership and, as a result, its activities have also increased.

Research has been, and still is, very important and its annual magazine Strapetona always includes new information about Thrapston and the surrounding district.

As an example, a member of the group had made the surprise discovery that during the 13th century there had been a leper hospital in Thrapston but its location was unknown.

Subsequent research now suggests it was situated alongside the River Nene on the east side of the Nine Arches Bridge.

Over the coming months we hope to add more articles about local history in the county and show how you can get involved.

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There are many groups across Northamptonshire who meet on a regular basis to learn more about their local history.

These groups will have been established for a variety of reasons but their common aim is to preserve the memories of the past for future generations.

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