Celebrating Thrapston’s Royal Charter

Youngsters take part in this year's Thrapston Charter Fair
Youngsters take part in this year's Thrapston Charter Fair
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In the year 1205 Baldwin de Vere, the Lord of the Manor, requested permission from King John to hold a market in Thrapston every Tuesday.

It is thought that the King was probably staying at Rockingham Castle (to the north of Corby), which was one of his favourite Royal Hunting Lodges.

King John agreed to award the market charter in return for two palfreys (small riding horses) and they are represented today on Thrapston’s civic badge and flag as a reminder.

The charter gave permission for de Vere to organise a regular market in which the trading of goods was tightly controlled for a fee!

Thrapston celebrates its Market Charter with a fair in June, every year.

The High Street is closed to traffic so that stalls, displays and exhibitions can be set up along the whole length of the street.

The Charter Fair opens with a parade starting from the Bridge Hotel at 2pm and continues throughout the afternoon with entertainment from local music, dance and other groups.

It is a very popular event and draws in crowds from far and wide.

In 2005, the 800th anniversary of the charter was celebrated by several special events involving the community, including a very successful Party in the Park.

More information about Thrapston’s local history can be found on www.thrapstonhistorysoc.co.uk or email tdhs40@yahoo.co.uk.