Looking Back: The shaping of Northampton New Town

In 1965, it was announced by Harold Wilson's Labour Government that Northampton was to be one the new towns offering housing to people living in poor conditions in English cities

Owner Occupiers Action Committee
Owner Occupiers Action Committee

Northampton Development Corporation encouraged people from over-crowded areas such as London and Birmingham to move to the town. The Corporation spent £205m building new housing estates with the population blooming from 130,000 people in 1971 to around 212,000 Northamptonians in 2012. With population growth, the town underwent a transformation including the clearance of some back-to-backs and old factories to make way for shopping centres, housing estates and industrial parks.

In 1968, an Owner Occupiers Action Committee member outside her home. In the window a sign reads: "To combat the legalised proposed stealing of our homes and land grabbing."
A protestor in a soon-to-be demolished terraced street near to St James' Church, Northampton August 8, 1968
Back in Northampton after 50 years in August 5, 1965, a man stands outside The Plough Hotel in Victoria Promenade. In the background is the busy Bridge Street/Weston Street Junction.
A Vauxhall Viva HC estate speeds along St Peters Way in around 1978. The area is now St Peters Way Retail Centre which includes Aspers Casino
In October 9, 1970, houses due for demolition at The Mounts, Northampton. The fire station is in the background towards the left.
Northamptons Castle Station February 3, 1966 demolished to make way for a modern building in the same year
A block of high-rise flats towers over a row of half-demolished Victorian houses in Northampton, July 9, 1962
Adelaide Street, Northampton, in November 23, 1966 now site of Alliston Gardens Youth and Community Centre
A large site in Spring Boroughs ready for the Fort Street and Moat Street development in Northampton, June 1964