Litter-picking to aid Poppies

Anthony Scott, with Buzzin Bees workers Sarah Sutton and Theresa Corrick
Anthony Scott, with Buzzin Bees workers Sarah Sutton and Theresa Corrick

A retired printer is helping to tidy up Kettering in a bid to help save the town’s beleaguered football club.

Anthony Scott, 65, has started a four-mile stretch litter–pick from his house in St Catherine’s Road on the Ise Lodge estate to Highcrest Road in Burton Latimer.

Along the route, he hopes to pick up donations from people and businesses for a fundraising scheme for Kettering Town Football Club.

The Pledge 100 fund was launched by lifelong fan Jonathon Brown last month to raise £50,000 to help secure the club’s future.

Mr Scott, who worked at Staples in Kettering for 37 years, said: “I’ve supported the club all my life and just feel I have to do something to stop it going under.

“By litter–picking through the town, I not only hope to help clear up the area but also raise some cash for the club’s future.

“If people want me to clear up their garden or business front, I’m happy to do it in exchange for a donation.”

So far Mr Scott has received £100 from Buzzin Bees in Highcrest Road in Burton Latimer.

The company provides cleaning and shopping services to the disabled and elderly.

Mr Scott said: “If people see me about, they can also come over and make a donation.”

The Pledge 100 fund started last month and is aimed at getting 500 people to donate £100 each.

Its organiser, Mr Brown, insists none of the money will go to the club’s current owner, instead it will be used to help secure the Poppies’ future.

So far it has raised £3,512 thanks to support mainly from fans.

Cash and cheques, made payable to Kettering Town (Poppies) Supporters Trust, can be sent or delivered to: Jonathon Brown, Trust Member c/o Keeble & Co, 2 London Road, Kettering, NN15 7PP.

To contact Mr Scott about litter–picking, call 07879 438855.