Jousting and medieval life at Rockingham Castle

Lord Rockingham and Gloucester in action at Rockingham Castle joust
Lord Rockingham and Gloucester in action at Rockingham Castle joust

A jousting display from the Knights of Nottingham will be the centrepiece of a medieval event at Rockingham Castle on Sunday, June 9.

Armoured knights will be fighting it out on horeback and on foot at the event, all while wearing several hundred pounds of steel armour.

Adjacent to the jousting field the Oxford Household’s members will be living the medieval lifestyle in their tented village.

Throughout the day they will be demonstrating the skills of the period to visitors, from the preparation of food, cooking, making of swords and armour, leather working, sewing, blacksmithing, dyeing, music making, weaving and wood working.

Out in the arena there will be displays by armour clad warriors of sword and pike drill, skill at arms and combat prior to the jousters taking to the field.

Castle owner James Saunders Watson said “It is the fantastic display of an old traditional form of sport; it is the style and enthusiasm shown by the Knights of Nottingham that makes the event so very watchable.

“It is a truly thrilling form of entertainment with much humour thrown in.”

In the Castle Courtyard stories with music will be told by our storyteller dressed in period costumed, Dave Tong, and the castle’s resident jester will be entertaining with a demonstration of fire-eating and juggling around the grounds.

Operations manager, Nicola Moss said “This is a great day of entertainment. The Oxford Household combines the accurate and authentic in their encampment with an engaging arena demonstration.

The Knights of Nottingham on their beautiful horses provide fast, furious and hilarious entertainment throughout the joust.”

The gates open at 12 noon with the castle opening at 1pm. The jousting commences at 2.30pm.

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