Join Sandie in Race for Life

Sandie Jeffs, with her husband, Dave and daughter Charlene
Sandie Jeffs, with her husband, Dave and daughter Charlene

When a regular donor turned up to give blood, little did she know this act of generosity would help save her life.

Sandie Jeffs, 59, of West Avenue, Burton Latimer, was discovered to have bowel cancer in late 2008 following a routine blood donation, and she believes this early diagnosis went a long way to saving her life.

She was given the all clear just three months after the blood test after the cancer was caught early and she did not have to undergo chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Now she is taking part in the Northamptonshire Race for Life in the summer to raise money for vital cancer research, and is calling on others to join in the fundraising effort.

She said: “If I hadn’t been a blood donor I would never have been diagnosed so early. I believe it saved my life. Success stories like mine would not be possible without the work of Cancer Research UK, which in turn relies on everyone who raises money through Race for Life.”

Sandie began giving blood after being ‘dared’ to do it by her husband Dave over 31 years ago.

Since then she has been a regular donor and was about to give her 51st pint when she visited her local unit in November 2008.

Further investigations into the cause of Sandie’s anaemia ultimately led to the cancer diagnosis and treatment.

In 2011, 5,300 women took part in Race for Life in Northampton at Abington Park and helped raise a £324,000 for Cancer Research UK.