Green-fingered gifts to please your mum

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Spring is a perfect time to blow away the cobwebs and venture outdoors, so any Mother’s Day presents with an emphasis on the garden will be welcomed by green-fingered enthusiasts.

There’s a plethora of more practical gardening gifts, such as sturdy and stylish stainless steel tools including fork and trowel, from Wilkinson Sword. Guaranteed for 10 years, they have weatherproof ash handles and polished stainless steel tool heads, while each has a handy leather strap for easy storage.

If your mum likes her blades sharp, secateurs, axes and even kitchen knives which have gone blunt may benefit from Fiskars Xsharp axe and knife sharpener, which can be brought inside for sharpening blades in the home as well as used for garden tools.

However, if she loves a bit of romance, invest in the 2012 Rose of the Year from Mattocks, called Rosa ‘Moment in Time’ (‘Korcastrav’), named to commemorate both The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the 2012 Olympics. The plant, which features dark green glossy leaves, repeats flowers to produce intense ruby red flowers throughout summer.

Performing best in full sun or part shade and fertile, well drained soil, it will reach an eventual height and spread of 60x40cm.

Create a warm ambience in the garden with lighting and candles. Delightful and enchanting floating rainbow tealight balls will brighten up any pond or water feature. Made from 100 per cent recycled glass, they are hand blown and frost proof.

If your mum has tired of hanging baskets and wants an alternative way to brighten up outside walls, there is plenty of wall art on the market. Brighten up house walls with some glass bead candle wall art from Gardman. Garden sculpture and eye-catching ornamental pots are ever popular to create a focal point in the garden or add some wow factor to a patio.

A new range of Stewart Garden Aztec planters may fit the bill. They’re made of plastic but look like clay and the lower weight makes them easy to pick up and move around the garden when the seasons change, while the non-crack, non-absorbent material means more water gets to the plant instead of the container. They’re available in three planter sizes and an 80cm trough, in two colours, sandstone and dark brown.

If you want to give her something more exclusive, Acanthus Stoneware creates hand-made pieces for the home and garden, which will weather beautifully.