Take a look around the two runners up in the Britain's Best Home Bar competition!

Cheers! Take a look around the two Northamptonshire runners-up in Britain's Best Home Bar competition

These two DIY home bars in Kettering and Northampton ranked top 10 in the UK! Take a tour of them both...

By Megan Hillery
Friday, 16th July 2021, 12:53 pm

Two home bars in Northamptonshire have been revealed as runners up in the annual Britain' s Best Home Bar competition.

The competition is run by UK games retailer, Liberty Games, who been on the hunt for the UK's best DIY home bars over the past nine weeks.

After judging over 150 entries, Liberty Games revealed that Mark Wood from Kettering and Daniel Twisleton from Northampton are the competition's runners up, ranking in the top 10 in the UK.

Daniel spent one year - and counting - putting together his modern tropical themed bar, using a few spare hours he had here and there.

He said: "It’s a great feeling knowing my bar made it into the top 10 of over 150!

"My inspiration came from the dying pub trade, and the search for a local proper old school boozer.

"My favourite aspect is the complete inside as, from the outside you would have no idea what you are entering."

The winner of the competition was Ollie Cox's quirky London backstreet themed bar in Stockport. He has won a subscription of a year's supply of beer, which includes several different known brands and unique craft beers. He will receive a box of beer every month, amounting to a yearly cost of £300.

Take a look around the incredible DIY home bars in Northamptonshire that ranked top 10 in the UK. Congratulations Mark and Daniel!

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