Aliens abduct the headteacher from school

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CHILDREN turned into miniature detectives after aliens abducted their headteacher.

The abduction took place at Newton Road Community Primary School in Rushden on Monday. And while the investigation into the headteacher’s disappearance was going on, the pupils were also challenged to turn their hands to journalism.

Higher-level teaching assistant Stacey Ellson said: “We had really strange happenings at the school, including

weird noises, smoke and aliens. There was a blue one with two heads, a black-cloaked alien with a green head and a mad scientist-looking alien who came to abduct the headteacher and take him to their planet.”

The spaceship landed in the playground and once they had captured their prize it took off not to be seen again. The rest of the week, all the classes produced the Newton News newspaper in celebration of National Book Week. Fortunately their headteacher was later returned.