Wellingborough man, 30, with terminal cancer fundraising for last hope treatment

A 30-year-old man from Wellingborough who was diagnosed with stomach cancer earlier this year is fundraising for treatment abroad because he can no longer have chemotherapy.

Friday, 15th November 2019, 6:00 am
Kyra and Vince were planning the next steps in their life before he was diagnosed with stomach cancer

Vince Campbell moved to Wellingborough from Milton Keynes in 2018 with his partner Kyra Richards to buy a house and start a family, because it is where Kyra grew up.

The couple were looking forward to a holiday to Bermuda in June but Vince wrote on his Go Fund Me page: "Unfortunately, I could not make that trip due to me becoming unwell and after several trips to the hospital and several investigations, I was sadly diagnosed with stomach cancer in April 2019.

"The consultant had informed me that due to the size of my tumour, there was nothing that could be done.

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"The tumour was too big making it inoperable so surgery was never an option."

Vince's partner Kyra said: "It was all so sudden.

"It's so unfortunate, he didn't have any symptoms. He felt unwell and he went to the hospital but he had flu like symptoms. They kept saying it was a virus, it will go.

"He started bleeding internally and they did a scan and they found a tumour."

Kyra said at first doctors did not think it would be cancerous, but a biopsy confirmed the worst.

Vince had three cycles of chemotherapy over the summer to see if the tumour would shrink, but it grew bigger.

He finished chemotherapy in August but has felt the side effects of the gruelling treatment and has needed several blood transfusions because chemotherapy made his red blood cell count drop.

Last month, Vince said he was treated for pneumonia and sepsis and had his lung drained for excess liquid.

Vince added: "Sadly, I have now been officially told my cancer is stage four and I do not have long left."

Vince is unable to go through any further chemotherapy treatment because doctors have told him it will not help and his heart rate is so high that he is at risk of his heart stopping at any time.

Vince is currently in hospital, where he has been for three weeks because of another internal bleed.

He is awaiting an endoscopy or gastroscopy to find and stop the bleed but Kyra said it has been really difficult because Vince was transferred from a hospital near where his parents live to KGH and it has taken since September up until a few weeks ago for all his patient notes to arrive.

Writing on his fundraising page, Vince said: "This is why it is very serious and why I am now seeking treatment in Europe that could give me a higher chance of surviving and I pray that you will donate and help so I can raise money for the following possible treatments that are effective."

Kyra said doctors have not said exactly how long Vince has left so they are just hoping to be able to go for alternative treatment as soon as possible.

Vince is raising money for either proton beam therapy, immunotherapy, or a natural treatment clinic.

Proton beam therapy is the most expensive at £65,000 and Vince said this is what he is aiming for.

The page has already raised more than £15,000 and Kyra said the support had helped them keep going.

Kyra said: "100% [it has helped]. That is keeping him going, it's a mental battle as well as physical, it's definitely helped him."

Kyra said the page got support from friends and family at first but thanks to some shares on instagram by others, the page has attracted donations from strangers too.

Vince said: "I am asking for £65k, just to cover me for the most expensive treatment as with limited time, I may only have the chance to actually undergo one treatment instead of all three so I will have to decide which one is the most effective."

Kyra said the whole experience has been awful, and added: "He's still so young, with lots to do."

She said she wanted more people to know more about Vince, like the fact he has a first class degree and a masters in electronic engineering and cybernetics.

Vince has written on his Go Fund Me page that if he does not get the chance to seek alternative treatment, he wants the donations to go to Kyra.

He said: "I want the money to go to my wonderful partner who has been amazing and has been by my side from the beginning and has dropped her entire life to care for me since April as I have not been able to physically do anything for myself.

"I would like this to happen because she deserves all the support she can get, especially if I am no longer here."

"I am definitely fighting to be here for many more years."

Vince's Go Fund Me page can be found here.