KGH nurses to support African hospital in area of poverty

The KGH nurses travelling to Uganda.
The KGH nurses travelling to Uganda.

A group of nurses will swap Kettering for Uganda to help at a hospital in an area of extreme poverty.

The six members of KGH staff are part of a 12-strong team who will be sharing their expertise and skills at the 250-bed not-for-profit Kisiizi Hospital near Rukungiri in south west Uganda from June 22 to July 7.

The trip was organised by KGH's clinical learning manager Liz Power who has visited Uganda five times working with various charities.

She will be accompanied by paediatric sister, Charlie Nunn, A&E nurses Carol Machar and Danielle May, paediatric student nurse, Sarah Macauley, and specialist surgical nurse, Caroline Stupples.

The team will work in the wards and A&E and teach the most up-to-date guidance on subjects such as post-operative surgical care, pain relief and paediatric emergency care in Kisiizi’s school of nursing.

They will also deliver 360kg of aid – much of it collected through Facebook nursing forums - including oxygen concentrator machines, a nebuliser, two syringe-drivers for pain relief, a wide variety of toys, clothes, special needs equipment, fob watches, stethoscopes and pen torches.