Kettering Hospital chief pleased with patient survey results

Chief executive of Kettering Hospital Lorene Read
Chief executive of Kettering Hospital Lorene Read

Kettering General Hospital has received a positive report in the 2012 National Inpatient Survey released by the Care Quality Commission today, Tuesday, April 16.

The hospital’s survey scores were compared with 156 other hospitals and given an overall grade of ‘better’, ‘about the same’, or ‘worse’ than the other hospitals on each of the questions scored.

The trust scored ‘about the same’ in 54 questions, ‘better’ than other trusts in three questions and ‘worse’ than other trusts in three questions.

The three scores where the hospital was better than other trusts were around hospital food, discharge delays and length of delay. The scores where the hospital was worse than other trusts were around explaining the risks and benefits of operations/procedures, explaining what would be done in the operation or procedure, or answering questions about it.

Kettering Hospital’s chief executive, Lorene Read, said: “I am very pleased to see that the individual questions where we scored more than 9 out of 10 were around privacy and dignity, cleanliness, infection control (availability of hand gels), having appropriate same sex accommodation, and choice of hospital food.

“These are some the basic building blocks of care so I was very pleased to see that we score highly in these areas.

“Our section score for the questions around A&E – in terms of people being given enough privacy and being giving information about their condition or treatment – were also close to the levels achieved by the best performing trusts in the country.

“One thing that is clear from this survey is that we need to work on improving our processes for explaining to patients about their operations and procedures. This will need to be one of our focuses for the year ahead in learning from this survey.

“Overall I am pleased to see that we are improving compared to last year in most of the categories of care, albeit the improvements are quite small in some of the categories.”

A total of 460 patients over the age of 16 took part in the survey by answering a questionnaire about the care they received while staying as an inpatient at the hospital in June 2012.

Scores for each question were given out of a possible 10.

Overall 60 questions were scored and these were divided up into ten categories. Compared to other trusts Kettering Hospital was about the same for nine categories and worse for one (Operations and procedures). Its performance had improved in seven out of 10 of the categories in 2012 compared to 2011.