Hospital gets average overall score in national review

Lorene Read
Lorene Read

A national report into the quality of care and use of resources has given Kettering General Hospital an average score.

The annual Dr Foster Hospital Guide collects data from 145 hospitals across the country and assesses them on a wide range of criteria, including mortality rates, efficiency and clinical effectiveness.

KGH scored within the expected range for average trusts on 11 out of the 13 indicators.

It scored below average for having a longer than average length of stay for surgical patients and for not performing more work at weekends.

The hospital’s chief executive Lorene Read said: “The trust has scored well within the average range for the vast majority of its clinical indicators and for important overall indicators like mortality.

“Our scores indicate we are providing a safe and effective service and are well within the expected performance range for most of the things we do.

“We did have a slightly longer than average length of stay for routine surgery patients and generally did less work at weekends than the average for trusts.

“We are working hard to reduce the length of stay in many ways.

“These include using our enhanced recovery programme to give surgical patients additional therapy support to help them get back on their feet as soon as possible, and working closely with patients so they have an expectation of a fast turnaround after surgery and have arrangements in place to go home.

“Like many trusts we will be investigating the idea of working more at weekends where we can do this economically and effectively.

“More generally, we are also working very hard to increase our overall efficiency and have projects under way around the effective use of our theatres, making our outpatient services more efficient and around planning ahead in greater detail around our waiting list work.”

The co-founder of Dr Foster, Roger Taylor, said the issue of weekend working was something many hospitals had to address.

He said: “Making better use of hospitals at weekends is an area where the NHS could be more efficient. Increased activity and staffing levels in hospitals at weekends is an efficient use of expensive assets and a way of improving the safety of services.”

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