Family of Earls Barton schoolgirl saved by air ambulance thanks miracle crew for her life

The accident happened five years ago

By Alison Bagley
Wednesday, 10th March 2021, 2:50 pm

The mum of an Earls Barton girl knocked down by a car leaving her with severe injuries has credited two air ambulance crews for saving her daughter's life.

Jess Wilson was four when she ran into the road, and collided with a car fracturing her leg, tearing a ligament in her neck and leaving her with head injuries.

The incident happened when Jess and her family were coming home from a christening in the village when, unexpectedly, she ran out into the road straight into oncoming traffic.

Jess Wilson, 9,

Jess was seriously injured, sustaining a major trauma to her head, a buckle fracture to her leg and a torn neck ligament and her mum Katie Wellborn stayed by her daughter’s side until Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Rutland Air Ambulance arrived at the scene in the first instance followed by the Warwickshire and Northamptonshire Air Ambulance.

Katie said: "As she lay in the road, Jess was not looking at me, but just staring, her eyes flickering. I could tell she was going downhill there and then. I just kept thinking – oh my God, my child is going to die in my arms."

The air ambulance critical care crew stabilised Jess and gave her pain relief before flying her to Birmingham Children’s Hospital, which took just 25 minutes.

She spent several days in an induced coma and when she was woken, she had to learn to swallow, talk, sit up, stand and walk again.

“Jess had two bleeds to the brain and heavy swelling. The doctors weren’t sure if she’d survive the night and if she did, they didn’t think she’d walk or talk again.

"Research was done on her as she shouldn’t have recovered as she has. She’s a miracle and I do believe that’s because of the air ambulance getting her to hospital so quickly.

"Jess is now a caring, clever, determined little girl who has gone on to achieve many things in her young life."

In 2016, Jess has won a Young Achievers Award at the 2016 Pride of Northamptonshire awards, has received a Blue Peter Badge, performed in many musical theatre productions and takes an active part in school life.

Katie added: “It means the world that the air ambulance could be there that day for Jess. The doctors told me that if she had travelled to hospital by road, she wouldn’t have made it. The air ambulance crew saved her life.”