FOLLOW LIVE: As country goes into 'Lockdown 2', Northamptonshire health chiefs give updates on the latest Covid-19 situation

Public Health Northamptonshire to reveal latest number of cases across county

By David Summers
Friday, 6th November 2020, 2:50 pm
Director of health, Lucy Wightman
Director of health, Lucy Wightman

With the nation now in lockdown two, Public Health Northamptonshire director of health, Lucy Wightman, will give an update on the latest number of cases in the county. Local politicians will also give their reaction to the Prime Minister's announcement.

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The press conference starts at 3pm. Remember to refresh the story for the latest updates.

LIVE: Today’s Covid-19 press conference

Last updated: Friday, 06 November, 2020, 15:29

  • The latest number of Covid-19 cases in Northamptonshire
  • Updates from police and local authorities on how lockdown has impacted our communities

Supt Foskett urged people to think about what they are about to do - could it increase infection? If yes, then don’t do it.

Supt Foskett says the new restrictions make it easier to enforce than it has been the last couple of months. A lot of it are things that police were recommending. The message from the PM to stay at home is very clear - unless you have to go out, don’t. 

Cllr Nunn said the number of shops and services open is more in the second lockdown than before. Saying to businesses that he is sorry that those who have invested to make their premises safe now have to close. 

Cllr Nunn said this is all about the public - businesses have created very safe environments. People need to take responsibility.

Cllr Nunn said there were always going to be more restrictions in Northampton even if there wasn’t a lockdown. Businesses reacted incredibly positive to the lockdown announcement but it was an issue when people left those pubs and restaurants afterwards. 

Cllr Jonathan Nunn is responding on the surprise of the announcement. Some people believe they should announce on the day. There was some who made the most of the gap between the announcement and lockdown coming in.

Jack Duggan from the Chron is next up. He asked about the surprise announcement and what the reaction has been to, what the communication has been like from central office and is enforcement harder due to the number of exemptions.

Supt Foskett said there had been 374 fixed penalty notices in the latest figures but they are two weeks old, so there will be a signficant increase in the next report.

Becky Bradshaw from the university clarified the figures that were given earlier - there were 14 cases at the uni in the reported week, which was a good figure but there is no complacency.

Moving on to questions from the media. Laura Coffey from BBC Northampton asked about the provision about Northamptonshire services such as libraries. What is open and what’s not? Also asked about enforcement notices.

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