The 12 cheapest places to buy unleaded petrol in Northamptonshire TODAY

Some places have topped 190.0p per litre, but there are still some in the 185.0p-189.9p range

As petrol prices continue to rise and even hit all time highs, drivers across Northamptonshire are feeling the pinch, especially amid the cost of living crisis.

According to RAC Fuel Watch, prices hit an all time high on Monday (June 27) as the average price for a litre of petrol at UK petrol stations hit 191.1p.

Filling the average family car reached £100 earlier this month and drivers have been in dismay asking if the price of fuel will fall again.

Petrol prices are at an all time high across the country.

Analysts hope the prices will begin to level out in the coming weeks and months, however for the time being the cost of fuel remains staggering.

AA fuel price spokesman Luke Bosdet said: “The fuel trade is either on a deliberate collision course with the government or they just don’t care.

“The Competition and Markets Authority has launched its probe into road fuel prices and, with previous investigations coming out in favour of fuel companies, the trade probably thinks the same will happen this time.

These are the 12 cheapest places in Northamptonshire to buy unleaded fuel today:

Shell, A43 near Hannington - 184.7p Asda, Kettering - 186.7p Shell, Croyland Motors, Rushden - 186.9p Esso, Windmill Avenue, Kettering - 186.9p Sainsbury’s, Kettering - 186.9p Morrisons, Kettering - 187.7p Morrisons, Victoria Promenade, Northampton - 187.9p Morrisons, Kettering Road, Northampton – 187.9p Jet, London Road, Far Cotton - 187.9p Morrisons, Wellingborough - 188.9p Esso, Wellingborough Road, Northampton - 188.9p Shell, Towcester Road, Far Cotton - 188.9p

Prices from, correct as of 2pm today (Tuesday, June 28).

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