Rothwell family firm's awards nomination 'recognition of commitment'

The Northamptonshire SME Awards take place on July 30

Monday, 27th June 2022, 4:31 pm
Updated Wednesday, 29th June 2022, 9:50 am

A Rothwell family firm is hoping for the sweet smell of success as they look to bag an award for their wheelie bin accessories business at the finals of the Northamptonshire SME Awards.

Wheelie Klips Ltd, is an SME (small and medium-sized enterprises) run by the Deacon family to provide simple solutions to wheelie bin problems.

As finalists, the family will travel to the presentation in Daventry to see if they are named Family Business of the Year 2022.

Rothwell resident Lennie Newman with the Wheelie Klips products

Business director Mike Deacon said: “We are driven to offer excellent customer service as this is our own family business and reputation we are dealing with. We work hard to involve a variety of family members.

"The commitment of all family members has been phenomenal as none have taken any funds from the company apart from the part time administrator who takes a regular small salary.”

“We simply want our customers to be pleased and to want to praise us when they buy our goods.”

Heading up Wheelie Klips Ltd with Mike Deacon is son Matt. Another member of the family carries out part-time admin duties and the whole clan has been involved.

Wheelie Klips videos have been made with help from family members

Mike said: “We want the company to grow and would like to be able to employ other family members. Family members have made the video on the home page of the website, another member has produced promotional materials, and even grandchildren have been involved with promotional fundraising videos.”

Made in the UK, Wheelie Clips range is designed to keep wheelie bins fresh and clean and to deter maggots.

Their products include extra large, strong wheelie bin liners, clip-on sprays and fragrances to cover up unpleasant pongs.

Mike said: “Winning this award would leave us elated as we will have had the opportunity to thank every family member who has or is contributing to getting this praise from our customers. It will be a public recognition of their commitment.

Wheelie Klips sell a clip-on spray to deter flies and cover-up bad smells from bins

“We are a small family company, thinking big, and offering customers full satisfaction with a range of novel solutions to keeping their wheelie bins fresher, cleaner, and better.”