Ethical social care legal firm launches in Kettering

The firm was launched at Potbelly BreweryThe firm was launched at Potbelly Brewery
The firm was launched at Potbelly Brewery
It has a base in the town centre

A new legal firm which aims to take an ethical approach to getting justice within the social care system has launched in Kettering.

The Lawyer & The Nurse, which is based in Victoria Street, was officially launched at Kettering's Potbelly Brewery at an event last week.

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They want to help people combat the inequities and mysteries of obtaining funding when relatives need care and take them through the quagmire of rules, procedures and obstacles.

Cllr Keli Watts, deputy mayor of Kettering Town Council, was at the launch and drew a raffle for charity.

She said: “A new, ethical company like The Lawyer & The Nurse doesn’t happen very often. From my own experience as a parent, and as a councillor in Kettering, I know first-hand what people are facing when accessing care services and I have admiration for what this new business stands for.

“I believe there will be a queue a mile long for their services. It’s just what we need in this economic and political climate."

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Adam Cresswell, lawyer and director at the firm, said: “The aim of The Lawyer & The Nurse is to give a voice to those struggling to arrange funding for social care whilst their access to justice is almost non-existent and beyond the reach of all but those with deepest pockets.”

Mr Cresswell helped the family of Kettering six-year-old Willow Musgrave last month after a video of school staff airing cruel views about her tracheostomy went viral.

The aim of The Lawyer & The Nurse is to achieve charitable status and to begin with it will run a pro-bono service alongside their business model which will provide fixed pricing for each part of the service used.

Adam added: “We have a customer charter promising that everyone who calls will receive help, even if it is pointing them in the right direction. Our business will be conducted in such a manner as to make a real difference to people’s lives.”

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Nikki Slawson, registered nurse assessor and clinical lead director, added: “What is needed when wading through the treacle of care-funding bureaucracy is persistence, and that is something we have in abundance here at The Lawyer & The Nurse, along with both clinical and legal expertise. We never give up on our clients’ fight if we believe they have an entitlement to funding.”

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