Wellingborough-born architect builds TV career with BBC Your Home Made Perfect programme

Julian McIntosh grew up in Wellingborough and was a pupil at Sir Christopher Hatton Academy

Wednesday, 19th May 2021, 7:00 am

A Wellingborough-born architect is set to make his primetime TV appearance bringing his passion for radically transforming interiors to BBC Two’s Your Home Made Perfect.

In the programme, Julian McIntosh who attended Park Junior School and Sir Christopher Hatton Academy and whose family still live in the town pitches his cutting-edge design to a family looking to change their living space.

Using virtual reality, the homeowners choose between two visions for their property stepping into the architects' plans before a single brick or beam has been altered.

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Your Home Made Perfect team for episode one

In the episode to be shown on May 24, the family is presented with two radically different designs by Julian and 'rival' Laura Jane Clark.

Julian, 32, said: "It's pretty nerve-wracking. After the inspiration, the actual idea for the design took about a week.

"It took about a month, on and off, working with the VR team. I'd never done that before. It deconstructs the house and reconstructs it again - and Covid didn't help. They are two exciting designs.

"The interesting thing is about finding solutions that are creative - that's the exciting bit. I work with flow, layout and lighting you need to get these things into the design.

Julian McIntosh: Photo BBC / Remarkable TV.

"Lockdown has changed how we live - home offices for working from home, the way we are using houses has changed.

"Watch the show, it's packed with designs and creative tips."

Now based in London, Julian, 32, was inspired to become an architect through music.

As a member of Northamptonshire Music & Performing Arts Trust (NMPAT), he performed at venues across the country including the Royal Albert Hall and the Royal Festival Hall.

Julian McIntosh

Studying the interiors of the venues where he was playing the trombone in youth jazz and brass bands, spurred him on to seek out work experience with local architects including Maurice Walton, designer of the Northampton Lift Tower.

He went on to study at the University of Huddersfield graduating in 2012 working in China on commercial projects in Shanghai before moving to Spain and then to London.

Parents Esther and Hanif and brother and sister Kieron and Nadia all still live in the town and Julian visits them and his hometown.

The successful architect's favourite building in the town is The Castle Theatre - "because it fits into its surroundings quite nicely" and he thinks that the Swansgate could be transformed "to do something amazing to the town centre" - and he has advice for young people in the town.

Presenter Angela Scanlon BBC / Remarkable TV.

He said: "Wellingborough is a good place to hone your craft. Find what you love and just go for it."

Viewers will have to tune in to see whose design is picked to transform the home with the family's £105,000 budget.

Julian added: "I was a fan of the show and of Laura and the other architects. It was a pleasure and I think this season goes further."

Executive producer Joff Wilson said: “We are always looking for new faces, voices and ideas to bring to our programmes.

"Julian was immediately of interest to me because he’d worked on incredibly high-end projects but had a passion from bringing that aspiration into ordinary people’s homes. That idea of democratising design is at the heart of Your Home Made Perfect."

Your Home Made Perfect, presented by Angela Scanlon, starts on Monday, May 24 at 8pm on BBC Two, with Julian McIntosh featured on the season opener.

Julian McIntosh - standing
Julian McIntosh BBC / Remarkable TV.